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what is islam

I begin in the name of Allah and I praise him and I thank him for the opportunitie to adress for you a topic what is Islam? Many people hear about Islam and muslims but they don't know what mean Islam and who are muslims. this is an opportunitie to understand what it mean.

To begin Islam is an arabic word coming from S L M pronounced Silm

S ( seen* )
L ( lam* )
M ( meem* )

when we ritched the profected state of islam it means


these actions describe the proper behovier of the one who believes in the almighty God
and surrendering to his will to God's will and they are submitting to God's commendement and they are doing this in true obedience and sincerity even no one is watching them, they will stay doing it and they will do it in peace. All of these words comprise the meaning of Islam.

* arabic name of the alphabets

in arabic when someone performs a verb, you use the prefix mu rather than the suffix er

as we do in english.

Walk ===> Walk-er
Call ===> Call-er
Talk ===> Talk-er

For instence if someone want to travel we say travel-er, in arabic the  word travel is saafir so they say mu-saafir, in english if you call you are call-er, in arabic the word athan means call, the one who does it called mu-athan. So if someone surrenders and submits in obedience and sincerity and in peace to God, in arabic you will call them mu-islam ==> mu-slim

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